The Duckling

The duckling sat in the pond looking at his reflection.  He could see the little ripples of water around his feathers.  He felt content.

The pond was his home.  This was were he belonged.  Sometimes people would come to feed the duckling.  They would bring him bread.  Other times people would throw things at him and he would have to swim under the surface to avoid them.

The duckling liked looking at his reflection.  It made him feel calm.  He knew who he was.  He knew his place in the world.  The duckling had a family too but he didn’t think about them.  He thought about himself and how he would one day grow up into a big, strong duck.

The ripples around the duckling grew larger.  His reflection was distorted.  Too late, the duckling turned around –

Tell me how the story should end!   x


2 thoughts on “The Duckling

  1. His immage was distorted because he was so self occupied that he started to see him self as special and he stopped paying atention and kid threw a net over him and took him home with him to be his pet. This is how dany the adventures of dany and ducky got started. Lol something like that exsept like actualy worked into tye context of the story otherwise if u justed wanted an ending u could maie it a metaphore for something like the dangers of narcissism


  2. …around to see a shark with razor sharp teeth coming at him. But this pond was safe, no surprises till now. Before he could try to move he felt the shark’s razor teeth penetrating his soft flesh and a flare of pain shot through his neck. He screamed and tried to fly away but the shark wouldn’t let go. With a swift motion it pulled the duck down for dinner as his blood came to surface in thin streams.

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