A Very Short Story About Love

Jerry looked out across the city, he was tired of this place.  The lights were bright, too bright.  He wished he was somewhere else.

Behind him, Sarah shifted in the bed.  She was getting ready to ask a question, Jerry sensed.  He cut her off.

“Look, we’ve been seeing each other for a while now.  You know I like you but, well, the thing is – ”

“You don’t need to say it.”

“The thing is, I’m sick.  Really sick.  Like, dying sick.”

Sarah smiled.  She thought it was all a joke.

“Sure you are, Jerry.  Are you coming back?  To bed.”

“You’re not listening, I’m really sick.”

He could see the first glimmer of concern darting across Sarah’s forehead.

“Okay, fine.  What’s wrong?”

Jerry looked at her.  This was going to be hard.

“Well, you know how we haven’t been using condoms because I said I’d been tested?”

He watched her swallow nervously.  Maybe she still thought this was a joke.


“Well.  Maybe we should have used them after all.”


2 thoughts on “A Very Short Story About Love

  1. That is vivid. I love it. Only thing I would say about it is tell us about them just a little… What they look like, put the emotion behind what he knows.


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