Purple Bear

Once upon a time

There was a purple bear

With little beady eyes

And lots of purple hair

The bear had an owner

A little boy called Tim

The boy was nice to the bear

And the bear was nice to him

But then one day the boy woke up

And found his father dead

His mother had left several years ago

The boy was terribly scared

He called the police and was taken away

They asked him all kinds of things

Like “why was there a knife in your room”

And “what’s with that sick little grin”

But the boy just laughed, and cried a little

And pointed at his purple bear

“The bear made me do it,”

The little boy said

So they took bear away to the chair

The bear was electrocuted that week

His purple hair was singed black

The little boy left the house later on

And never, ever came back.


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