“The baby’s dead.”

Those were the first words she heard that morning.

“The baby’s dead.”

Afterwards, she couldn’t remember doing anything else.  She couldn’t remember leaving the house or going to the hospital or crying into someone else’s arms.  She couldn’t remember sitting in a waiting area with a stale cup of coffee in her hand.  She couldn’t remember toying with the hem of her cardigan until it frayed and split, and she couldn’t remember coming back into an empty, cold house.

But not a silent house.  Someone had forgotten to turn the CD player off, and it was playing a lullaby on loop.

Go to sleep, go to sleep

Not another peep

Shut your eyes, shut your eyes

Sleep away the night.


7 thoughts on “Sudden

  1. Nice work. It’s a real skill to set that kind of tone convincingly in so few words and you managed it with some aplomb. I look forward to your next short.

    Liked by 1 person

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