21st Century Romance

On the first date, she slipped him her panties under the table.  It was such a clichéd thing to do, she thought afterwards.  The look on his face though – that was worth an uncomfortable night of clenching her legs together so her skirt didn’t ride up.

He took her up against the wall behind the restaurant.  The smell of hoi sin sauce was almost overpowering.  She grazed her palms on the crude concrete of the wall.

They held hands afterwards as they walked back to the bus stop.  He gave her a lighter, because she’d lost hers in the alleyway.  They shared a cigarette together.  Then he caught his bus home, and she stood shivering, November air creeping up under her skirt.

Early next year, they got married.  Years later, they told their children they met on the internet.


3 thoughts on “21st Century Romance

  1. Hey Maria, I came across this post on ‘Writers Group’ on Facebook.
    I don’t normally read romance novels, but you have a good writing style. I liked this snippet of your work.

    Liked by 1 person

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