Over Eighteen

The day after her eighteenth birthday, she was on her back in an expensive hotel room.

Legs wide apart.

Sweat glinting on her skin, limbs contorted, hands clenching the sheet as if it was a lifeline, and she was stranded in her own personal ocean of ecstasy.

Hair matted, eyes rolled back – teeth gritted tight.

That was how they found her, another victim of the maniac the press were calling The Medusa Killer.


5 thoughts on “Over Eighteen

  1. As eyes begin to descend the lines, one gets a feeling there’s passionate love in the making. But the read takes an unexpected twist as Maria craftfully introduces the reader to tragedy.

    A potenet start, Maria. You’ve got your reader hooked. I can’t wait to see what you do with this literary advantage. Hmm, the “Medusa Killing.” I’d love to get into the gist of that.

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