Pregnant Again

She was pregnant again

At the age of fourteen

When teachers asked why

She said “living the dream”

She said “things are just fine”

And “I’m doing alright”

And “I think I’m coping”

And “my future’s still bright”

But early one morning

The school got a call

“She won’t be coming in today

She won’t be coming at all”

She couldn’t cope with the stress

So she went out into the night

Poured petrol all over her dress

And carefully set it alight

Neighbours caught it on camera

She burned like a funeral candle

Government took in the baby

To avoid another scandal

The press got hold of the story

They painted the girl as a devil

An abusive youth, a violent recluse

“Bad on a whole other level”

The service they held was short

And people spat on her grave

I came back at night and graffiti-ed her stone

I wrote “Here lies somebody brave.”


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