Shortlisted/Breaking Down

I have an announcement to make everyone!  I’ve been shortlisted for a national short story competition for my story Breaking Down!  I can’t go into too many details yet about the competition but I’m really excited and just getting this far is so amazing!

Thanks to all of you who have read my writing in the past and also helped me with feedback and advice.  Thanks especially to my friend David who helped me with writing in  English and setting up my website.  You can see his blog here, he has recently won a competition for his story, Fracture which he kindly put up on his own website to read for free.

I’d also like to share a brief fragment of my story below, I hope you enjoy it!

Breaking Down

Her eyes followed him around the room as she swept the corners with her bristle brush.  Each time she bent over she could feel him watching, judging.

“You missed a bit.”

Cosy in his leather armchair, pipe in one hand, newspaper in the other.

“Make sure you get the cobwebs too.”

The worst part was the outfit.  This is what she wore before they met, in her old life.  Back in the days when there was no hope at all, just her surrogate family barking orders and tormenting her.  He was supposed to be everything she dreamed of.  Her ticket out of Hell.  Her prince.  She winced, her feet – the pain was growing.  She slid her left foot out of the glass slipper –

“No, don’t take them off.  That’s the best part.”





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